Memory Foam

Conditioning amplifier

Get the body & volume you’ve always wanted, without sacrificing softness. With a balanced pH 5.5 & 230°C Heat protection, this colour safe memory foam gives a long lasting, flexible hold with a natural bounce.

  • Balanced pH 5.5 Natural Hair
  • Hold factor 4/5 with 230°C Heat protection
  • Non-tacky, long lasting flexible hold

Natural technology: Soy & Vegetable Proteins & Grape Seed Extract. pH 5.5 for perfectly balanced naturally protected hair.



the volume solution!

thicker & fuller

How to use: Apply 2-5 pumps (depending on length, thickness & density) on freshly washed, towel dried hair. Use a wide tooth comb to distribute evenly from roots to ends. Style as desired. For extra body & volume use with “The VOLUME Solution!”

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