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the frizzy solution

smooth & control

for thick, coarse & unruly hair

say goodbye to frizz

The harsh Australian climate and outdoor lifestyle can wreak havoc on hair, with factors such as solar damage, humidity, wind, and exposure to chlorine and saltwater causing frizz, dryness and breakage. That's where the CPR Frizzy Solution comes in - this innovative hair care system is specifically designed to combat these challenges, instantly controlling and calming frizz while improving hair health by up to 80%.

What makes the Frizzy Solution so effective? It all comes down to the Natural Technology - active ingredients lock down the cuticle layer, smoothing each hair strand, giving long lasting control and protection against humidity and moisture loss.

Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil is universally beneficial for hair health as it is the closest ingredient to the natural Sebum oil produced in the scalp and works to restore the nutrients needed to maintain beautiful hair. Jojoba oil hydrates each hair cuticle by locking in moisture and providing over 48hours of humidity protection! Being a lightweight ingredient it won’t make your hair strands feel heavy with product.

Quinoa protein

Quinoa is a sustainably sourced plant-based protein that contains seventeen amino acids, including all eight essential amino acids. Quinoa protein helps frizzy hair to look and feel smoother and silkier by forming a protective barrier, sealing in moisture and repairing damage. Rich in vitamins and minerals, Quinoa Protein gently nourishes, keeping hair hydrated, soft, manageable and looking healthy. 

5 steps to beautiful hair ©

Frizz Control

Sulphate Free Shampoo

Deeply cleanses & reduces frizz
Baobab Seed & Quinoa Proteins
300mL, 900mL
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Intensive masque

Intensive repair & nourishment
Quinoa & Wheat Protein, Jojoba & Colza Plant Oils
180mL, 500mL
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Phase 1

Smoothing crème

A softening, conditioning styling aid
Colza Plant Oil, Panthenol
150mL, 250mL, 500mL
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Silky FX

Jojoba oil treatment serum

Controls flyaway frizz
Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, B Complex, Silica, Chromium, Copper & Zinc
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To take your haircare routine from

the essential to the exceptional!

follow our 5 steps to beautiful hair© to achieve longer-lasting smoothness, control and humidity protection.

Begin your hair journey with the essential foundation steps:  

essential foundation steps:  

1. Gentle cleanse

Use CPR Frizz Control sulphate-free shampoo to gently cleanse without stripping natural protective oils. It ensures that your hair is clean, fresh, and ready to receive the maximum benefits from the rest of the solution.

essential foundation steps:  

2. Smooth and condition

Use CPR Frizz Control smoothing conditioner to hydrate, smooth and soften the hair whilst improving health and strength. To take your haircare routine to the next level, follow with these exceptional steps to achieve longer-lasting smoothness, control and humidity protection.

To take your haircare routine to the next level, follow with these exceptional steps to achieve longer-lasting smoothness, control and humidity protection.

exceptional steps:

3. Intensive treatment

Once a week, replace the conditioner with the CPR Smoothing Intensive Masque to deeply nourish and improve hair health by 80%.

exceptional steps:

4. Leave-in care

CPR Phase 1 is loved all over the world as the ultimate frizz control crème. Evenly apply a small amount through clean towel dried hair to instantly smooth and control unruly flyaways whilst also adding shine. The slight hold factor ensures long lasting, frizz free hair.

exceptional steps:

5. Style and Finish

Ensure complete control with CPR Silky FX Jojoba Oil Treatment Serum for over 48-hours anti-frizz humidity and heat resistant protection.