CPR Colour

inspire your creativity

CPR Colour uses advanced natural technology for moisture, shine and long-lasting colour. Using the latest world class technology and pigments, CPR colour is designed in Australia using a very low ammonia and micro-pigment technology for superior colour longevity and hair health.

CPR Colour Chart

With a full colourist’s pallet of 137 colours, including 24 ammonia-free toners, everything you need is in one system from commercial to high-fashion, photographic and competition results. 

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I really enjoyed making cpr colour for you

When creating CPR Colour I hand-selected the perfect balance of sustainably sourced, eco-friendly natural botanicals to achieve beautiful healthy hair. Cruelty-free and never tested on animals, CPR Colours strengthen, condition and protect your hair for long-lasting stunning colour results.

Cass Donnelly
CEO & Creator of CPR Colour
Creating CPR Colour

Made for the creative colourist

CPR Colour has been created with a purist approach staying true to the guiding principles of the colour wheel, for highly predictable, stunning colour results. With predictable colours & swatches matched against real hair, The Colourist Handbook makes it easy to offer clients a colour only you can create. Be inspired and colour with confidence.  

Perfect grey coverage

CPR Colour is designed to deposit the perfect base colours at each level for beautiful cool or warm Grey coverage. CPR.0/.00 Naturals & Intense Naturals are cool based, perfect for depositing on Grey to achieve true neutral, and cooler fashion tone results. CPR .7 Chocolates series is formulated with the perfect base colours to ‘fill-in’ the missing pigments achieving maximum vibrancy and colour durability of your warm fashion results.

Beautiful blondes

A powerful range of high-lift tints designed to cut through underlying pigment and add tone for even, clean results in one step. Protecting your clients hair condition when taking them blonde has never been so easy. With an expansive range of ammonia-free toners, CPR Colour has your most sensitised blondes covered. A wide variety of reflects give you the most versatility in creating the perfect fashion tone for your client.

Colour bonding system

Formulated with natural botanicals, the colour bonding system infuses the perfect balance of protein, moisture, vitamins and minerals to strengthen, condition and protect your hair for long-lasting stunning colour results.


Prepare Hair

Reconstruct & equalise the porosity of hair


Sulphate free cleansing shampoo

Removes impurities & build-up
Wheat Protein + Bio-degradable Chelating Agent
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Colour Service

Strengthen, nourish and protect
whilst colouring hair 

Treat hair

Secure colour within the hair 
Rinse-out treatment

After care

Seal & protect the cuticle
Leave-in miracle colour extender


Colour Extender

Leave-in bond multiplier
Quinoa & Carob Protein & Sunflower Seed Extract + Aminodew
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Brings hair to life
Australian | Natural | innovative