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To join in with CPR Education please follow the steps below
CPR Education zoom rooms will open 5 minutes prior to start time to ensure everyone is in and ready to go at scheduled time. Please have a pen, paper, CPR Colour chart ready for class to begin

How to join in CPR Education session
1) Download Zoom app (can be used on iPad, desktop, laptop & phone) Click here
2) Sign up for free
3) Find a quiet place you can concentrate
4) Make sure to know how to turn your microphone onto mute, as during sessions this will make it easier to hear the Educator (top right hand corner of screen)
5) Once you are set up just click on the link for the Education sessions on would like to attend (dates and times displayed below)
For any further information or assistance please contact customer service on (02) 9516 5144
6) For prior learning, visit our facebook page CPR Expert Creative Hairdressers and view the learning units relevant for your class.

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