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Our Practice
Empowerment is a transformative force that is constantly surging through the hairdressing industry, igniting passion, nurturing creativity, and propelling professionals to new heights. To be empowered in the hairdressing industry means to be equipped with the knowledge, skills, and support needed to flourish as an artist. It is about embracing your unique voice, embracing change, and pursuing your dreams. Empowerment means standing tall amidst challenges, constantly seeking growth, and creating a positive impact within the community.

A Powerful Collaboration
CPR Hair approached Chulo Creative with the desire to create artwork that exuded the essence of empowerment. The artwork draws inspiration from the transformative power of motherhood and envisions the female form as the ultimate symbol of creative empowerment.

Looking to the Future
Embarking on an exciting journey into the future, it is crucial to empower the next generation of hair stylists. They are the architects of the industry's future, the bearers of new ideas and trends. By empowering these talents, a vibrant and thriving future for hairdressing is put in place.

Through education, mentorship, and opportunities for growth, young hair stylists are uplifted and inspired, nurturing their potential and guiding them beyond their dreams. Empowering the next generation means cultivating a community where innovation and collaboration thrive and where passion and talent are celebrated.

The Salon Forum – 19th February 2024 (Gold Coast)
Mark your calendars for this eagerly awaited annual gathering. Uniting salon owners and their teams for a day of visionary goal-setting and strategic business planning, this event promises to lay the foundation for a successful year ahead.

The Holistic Salon Service©
This step-by-step business plan empowers your salon to deliver consistent, high-level service to every client, both during their visit and between appointments. Elevate your client experience with this model for salon success.

Salon Business Coaching
Get ready for a personalized experience with tailored programs designed to guide you every step of the way on your salon growth adventure. It's time to unlock your potential and thrive with our expert guidance!

The Circle @ Hair Fest - 9th June 2024 (Sydney)
Join us at The Circle for a 1 hour group activity to celebrate community, share ideas, and create an inspiring vision together.

The CPR Squad
This dedicated group of brand ambassadors is committed to elevating the talents of hairdressing professionals, salon owners, and teams. To encourage and uplift the next generation of rising hairdressers, CPR is providing apprentices complimentary tickets to attend all workshops.

The Mane Event
This prestigious industry hair awards serves as a platform to showcase your creativity in colour and styling, creating exposure for you within the industry. Unlock your artistry with CPR and The Circle's annual celebrated awards.

"By fostering community, team building and implementing effective salon systems, we will naturally create an environment where creativity and our industry's future growth thrives."
Cass Donnelly, CPR CEO