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311 No-Rinse

creative styling

The original patented technology

The ‘311 Microlink Crossbond’ wave & curl technology adds body and movement to your hair to create a flawless Hollywood style. Use this revolutionary patented formula, to create waves, curls, adding volume, body & movement.
Environmentally friendly: Save an average of 100 litres of water with every service.
Prevents aching necks: there is no need to rinse the hair after the perm solution, customers can sit upright in the salon chair rather than sitting at the basin. Ideal for less mobile customers.

• First & only No-rinse waving, curling & permanent treatment
• Adds condition & shine with a natural touch
• Low pH alkaline perm
• Low Ammonia, Alcohol free

Available in N, FS & R

311 Creative Styling Kit
Step 1

Porosity Equaliser

Reconstructs Cortex

Use before the perming process to even the porosity of the hair.

Step 2

311 Solution

Begins the curling process

Original patented no-rinse technology.
Use perm solution to begin the curl process.

Step 3

311 Neutraliser

Immediately stops curl formation

Use the neutraliser to immediately to stop curl formation.

Step 4

Oxygen Creme


Intelligent conditioning treatment, removes excess odors, seals and smooths the cuticle.