Colour Advantage

Bond Multiplier, Colour extender

Builds durable cross-linked bonds between micro-pigments for increased colour retention & reduces hair breakage. Improves colour penetration, spreadability, longevity, hair softness & shine. Can also be added to Powder Lightener mixations for extra protection. Hair is revitalised with a pleasant fragrance. Leaves the scalp feeling soothed.

  • Cross-links & repairs broken bonds  
  • Colour lasts longer with more vibrancy
  • Soothes, calms & protects the scalp

Natural Technology: Wild Daisy & Chamomile Extracts, Quinoa Protein, Jojoba & Argan Oil.



CPR Colour

Inspire your creativity

How to Use: Add 10% CPR Colour Advantage to your Colour or Powder Lightener mixture. For example: (30g Colour + 30g Developer) = 60g mixture. Add 6g CPR Colour Advantage.

Brings hair to life
Australian | Natural | innovative