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empowering salons

since 1963

Created by Cass Donnelly

When creating CPR Colour I hand-selected the perfect balance of sustainably sourced, eco-friendly natural botanicals to achieve beautiful healthy hair. Cruelty-free and never tested on animals, CPR Colours strengthen, condition and protect your hair for long-lasting stunning colour results.

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Cass Donnelly
CEO & Creator of CPR Colour

Welcome to the cpr family!

I’m Cass Donnelly, CEO of CPR. My father John Donnelly founded CPR in 1963 as Australia’s first haircare manufacturer, and 60 years on is still family run here in Sydney. Learn more about our history, innovation and salon first culture [here].

By choosing CPR, you’re partnering with an 100% Australian, family-owned haircare, colour and education company.

Our Salons First philosophy prioritises the needs, empowerment, salon success and long-term development of our industry:

  • We do not sell CPR products direct the public. Our goal is help you in the growth of your salon and our industry.
  • Salon coaching program We work with you – your trusted partner in growth – to identify your goals and help you achieve them.  
  • The predictable, true-to-swatch CPR Colour system Empowers you to create stunning looks that leave your client feeling confident and beautiful.
  • CPR Colour cocktails. Empowering your creative genius With CPR Colour, you can easily create predictable custom colours that express the individuality of your clients. For inspiration, discovery 100+ cocktails by clicking [here]  
  • Our investments in your professional development The Circle Magazine, The Mane Event, CPR Ambassadors, and leading technical and salon business workshops are focused on empowering your creativity and salon success.

On behalf of the entire CPR team, I thank you for choosing us as your partner. We’re thrilled to have you on board and look forward to nurturing a long-lasting and successful relationship.
Dedicated to your success,


Cass Donnelly
CEO & Creator of CPR Colour
Creating CPR Colour

 CPR colour

the predictable, true-to-swatch colour system

With a full colourist’s pallet of 137 colours, including 24 ammonia-free toners, everything you need is in one system from commercial to high-fashion, photographic and competition results. 

Explore the colour chart
Unique cool & warm grey coverage series
CPR Colour is designed to deposit the perfect base colours at each level for beautiful cool or warm Grey coverage. CPR.0/.00 Naturals & Intense Naturals are cool based, ideal for depositing on Grey to achieve true neutral and cooler fashion tone results. CPR .7 Chocolates are formulated with the perfect base colours to ‘fill-in’ the missing pigments achieving maximum vibrancy and colour durability of your warm fashion results.
Powerful high-lift blondes 
A powerful range of high-lift tints designed to cut through underlying pigment and add tone for even, clean results in one step. Protecting your clients hair condition when taking them blonde has never been so easy.
Gentle ammonia-free toners
With an expansive range of ammonia-free toners,
CPR Colour has your most sensitised blondes covered.
A wide variety of reflects give you the most versatility in creating the perfect fashion tone for your client.
Perfect for creative colourists
CPR Colour has been created with a purist approach staying true to the guiding principles of the colour wheel, for highly predictable, stunning colour results. With predictable colours & swatches matched against real hair, The Colourist Handbook makes it easy to offer your clients a colour only you can create. Be inspired and colour with confidence.  

Botanically enriched for stronger healthier hair

Stronger, healthier hair 

CPR Colour strengthens hair during the colouring processes. Natural botanicals improve the health of your hair whilst reinforcing colour bonds extending your colour life.

Nourishment, softness & shine 

The unique combination of botanical oils makes CPR Colour a deep conditioning treatment smoothing and sealing the cuticle for beautiful softness and shine.

Anti-fade colour protection

Advanced natural solar protection and repair dramatically increases colour longevity, whilst deeply calming and soothing the scalp for a luxurious salon colour experience.

"The possibilities are endless, I've recently moved over to CPR and I've never had such an easy palette to work with! there's no pointless colours and the fashion shades are phenomenal!"
Jasmine Krebs @ B'Me
"What's not to love? All the colours are amazing, such a huge colour collection! I love to experiment with CPR Colours and creating exciting new shades that amp up my clients overall look."
Samijo Cranney @ Edge Hairdressing
"No matter what I need I can create it with CPR Colour. I love that the products don't have that typical 'chemical' smell when mixing and applying. my clients always comment on how nice the colour smells."
Ellie Taylor @ Hair by Ellie Rose
"I love the CPR Colour range as I believe it is true to the colour swatches, never fails and always produces the perfect finish!!!"
Abbie Ellis @ Heir Affiti


CPR Workshops
CPR is offering group training workshops. Check the links to see if theres an upcoming workshop near you! 
Colour for the Creatives - with Holly Sharpe  
Signature Blondes - with Jacqui Cubitt
Balayage with Jacqui Cubitt
Foiling Fundamentals
Creative Foiling
Flat Foil Stacking
Freehand Fundamentals
Wolf Cut & Curlyage
Curl by Curl
Wet Balayage
Creative Cutting
Styling for Social Media
Treatment Rituals
The Mane Master Class
CPR Online Learning
CPR's Online learning centre has everything you need to understand CPR's products, technology & systems to get brilliant results.
Foundation Colour Principles
Starting with CPR Colour
Advanced Grey Coverage
Blondes & Lighteners
Colour Correction
Creative Colourist Guide
Online Learning
CPR Salon Systems
Social Media 101
Take the first steps to building your network in this entry level crash course for social media and how it all works.
Social Media 102
Dig a bit deeper and find the right apps to build your business and learn how to measure your success.
Join the CPR Salon Community
Become a part of our CPR salon network and get to know other hairdressers in the community. Share your salon work or discuss inspiration & hair trends.
Exchange tips & tricks, share formulas & advice. There's plenty of hairdressers and CPR Team members ready to help you get the best out of CPR products.