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the volume solution

thicker & fuller

for fine hair

Made with

Soy Protein

Repair damage & add texture & volume
Packing a nutritional punch that does wonders for your hair health, Soy protein absorbs easily into the hair strand, mending gaps and weak spots in the shaft. This helps to strengthen and repair damaged hair, improving hair texture and volume. Soy Protein contains healthy fats, vitamins and minerals and is low in sodium which all contribute to increasing hair growth.

Wheat Protein

strengthen & protect fine hair
With a low molecular weight, wheat protein penetrates deeply into the hair shaft repairing and strengthening hair from within. Forms a weightless yet significant protective film on the hair surface which protects against external damage, reducing hair breakage by more than 80%. Increases flexibility and tensile strength giving hair body and bounce.


sulphate-free Shampoo

a gentle colour-safe cleanser that removes impurities & balances the scalp to make hair light-weight. intelligent botanical micro-proteins repair fine hair from the inside-out, adding strength & volume. 

natural technology: soy & wheat protein + sebum control


lite conditioning rinse

a powerful light-weight blend of proteins that builds structure, body & volume for fine hair. this colour-safe conditioning rinse improves hair health & elasticity for a natural fullness.

natural technology: wheat & soy proteins, carob, sunflower & grape seed extracts & colza plant oil. + aminodew
Coming soon!


thickening crème

Transform fine, flat hair into thicker, voluminous styles. formulated with soy & wheat protein to build strength from cortex to cuticle & make hair look & feel fuller. Long-lasting, soft-to-touch lift & body. Non-greasy formula made with water-based, water-soluble ingredients.

natural technology: soy protein, wheat protein, sunflower seed extract & jojoba oil
Brings hair to life
Australian | Natural | innovative