"Panthenol will put life back into your hair.”


Panthenol derives from the Vitamin B group and is considered a hair beautifier. This ingredient helps enhance overall hair appearance and offers many other benefits:

Increases Hair Sheen

Increases Hair Sheen: Brittle hair is transformed into luscious locks with Panthenol as the cuticle and strand are smoothed so that light is more easily reflected to enhance the hairs overall shine. As the natural oil in damaged hair has diminished Panthenol will put life back into your hair.

Deeply Hydrating

Healthy hair is achieved through hydration, and Panthenol works to restore moisture retention and elasticity.

Improved Elasticity

Worried about breakage? Panthenol restores hair elasticity! When incorporating Panthenol into your weekly routine the hair will be encouraged to flex naturally when blow dried or brushed, rather than breaking off.

Increase Hair Thickness

Penetrates not only the shaft, but the root of the hair to boost thickness from the growing stage, each strand becomes thicker as moisture is restored. Due to the vitamin B properties thickness is naturally generated, rather than just coating the hair shaft to make it appear thicker as other products often do.


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