“A concentrated blend of anti-oxidants that shield hair against daily stress factors, locks in colour to resist fading, and helps prevent damage due to heat-styling.”

Grape Seed Extract

Grape Seed extract contains powerful antioxidants that protect and revitalise the hair and scalp, and can be used on all hair types. Grape Seed extract provides many benefits when infused into haircare products.

Lightly moisturise your hair

Due to its lightweight texture, Grape Seed Extract has a light moisturising effect. This means it won’t weigh down the hair, allowing regular and consistent use for all hair types, perfect for fine and brittle hair.

Heat Protectant

Grape Seed extract is a great heat protectant for hair, and this combined with its relatively light texture makes for a protector safe for regular and consistent use on the hair.

Reduces Dandruff

Grape Seed extract contains high amounts of antioxidants, nutrients and emollient properties, which means when the extract comes into contact with the scalp, it can reduce dandruff production and encourage hair growth.

Reduces Hair Loss

When applied to the scalp, Grape Seed extract can reduce the production of hormones which cause hair follicles to weaken and ultimately cause hair loss. This results in stronger hair with less loss over time. Grape Seed is also high in antioxidants, which stimulate the production of new and healthy cell growth.


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