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Purple: 25g pure vibrant purple + 5g 10.2 + 30g 5vol Blue: 25g pure vibrant blue + 5g 10.2 + 30g 5vol
I did powder lightener and 9 on the roots left for 30 minutes then reapplied over the top with lightner and 6 for 10minutes to get her hair to a lemon tone (her natural is a level 3) And then toned with 10.2 with 1.5 all over and left that for 30 minutes
Balayage foils powder 20vol Dark depth around foils-: 1/2 4.71 1/2 5.0 1.5 Smudged foils with 5.43 1.5 Very tips left over of 5.43 and added in 10.0 1.5 Washed ends off before mids of foils
30vol PL mix of foils and balayage. Toned with T10.1 with 1.5 all over did off root application
Coloured back from level 10 using 8.7 all over then 7.66 with RubyRed
Roots are clients natural - Mid lengths to Ends are foiled with powder bleach then toned with 1/2 T9.12 & 1/2 T9.71 with 5vol
Roots 6.00 10vol Ends I did 30g 5.56 20vol added 10g ruby red left on for 45min
full head foils & toned with 1/2 8.12 + 1/2 10.2 + 5vol
full head back to back baby lights with fast lift 8 and 20vol then 40mls 10.6 & 9mls 7.26


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