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I used the pastel 7.26 with extra 7.26 so 18g of 7.26 40g of .000 and 55g of 1.5 vol
Fast lift 9 With 20 vol 30 mins Scalp bleach regrowth Toner 10.1. Finished off with the toner intense mask
back to back semi of [5.6+ 5 vol then straight on top a 5.7 + 1 inch silver + 5 vol]
Baby lights with fast lift 8 + 10vol Always blonde shampoo to balance Then root stretch T5.32 + T7.32 equal parts on mid lengths dilute with 000 to remaining colour, apply after 5mins then T10.32 to ends after 5min
Balayage ends p.l +30vol. Toner- 60gm .000+20gm 7.26+4gm ruby red+80gm 5vol+16gm colour advantage.
Full head foils fast 9+ 10vol at back working up to 20vol on top. Tone: 20g T10.2+ 5g T10.1 + 5g clear 1-2
It’s lifted to a level 8 with 6 an inch or two away from scalp to keep the root rinsed then 6.34 3 roots balayage of 8.44 + touch of copper 3 with yellow 9.3 + gold 3
Spaced out fine foils throughout Then root shadowed toner with 6.0 and 7.17 5vol and toned the rest with 10.2, 10.6, 9.21 and 5vol
We pre lightened to a level 5 roots and a level 7 ends then overlayed: ROOTS 30g 4.6 + 30g 3 ENDS 50g 6.66 10g Ruby Red 3


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