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it was an old regrowth full head 6.12 down to 8.12 + 8.71 then 9.12 10.2 + 10.1 on ends
T10.1 Toner
Toned with 10.1 and 10.2 and Clear with 1.5 15mins
Formula coming soon!
Full head balayage with p/l with 20vol. Under medium heat for 20mins. Toner. Root shadow with T6.21 and 5vol. 1:2. And ends using 3/4T10.32 1/4 000 and 5vol. 1:2. 10mins under medium heat.
Full head 20/30 vol Fast Lift 9 Toned 40g 10.6 +2g 7.26 with 5 vol Finished off with serious pink spray
Fast lift 8 20 vol roots Fast Lift 8 and 5 vol ends Toner T10.0 + T10.32 + T10.2
Formula coming soon!
I used fast lift 9 lightener with 20vol and toned with 10.1 + 10.2 equal parts for 8 mins 


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