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Hi everyone!

Welcome to our June salon update.

In this edition we launch Version 3.0 of the CPR Colour Chart, 
The Winter colour cocktails competition along with our new industry magazine
'The Circle' which will be going to 6,000 salons throughout Australia & New Zealand. 

We have also updated with lots of new information
to inspire your salon success. Checkout out the new online learning centre
plus over 100 colour cocktails you easily view on your phone to play with.
We have had a lot of fun putting all this together for your salon.
love x The CPR Team


"The vision of CPR Colour is to make a truly predictable colour system that
inspires your creativity & make it easy to create customised cocktails for
each client that they can only get from your salon. I believe as an industry
of 12,000+ salons, if we all started talking about customised colour cocktails
to our clients, we would revolutionise our image in the eyes of the public
and media." Cass Donnelly. Creator of CPR Colour.
CPR Colour v1.0 was launched in 2015 with the goal of listening to feedback
from CPR Salons & making any improvements. Within months, Cass was back
in the lab making tweaks & developing some colours that salons felt were
missing and, in 2017 we launched v2.0, along with the .221 cool violet series
which was very difficult to create.
Now after 5-years of further development based on salon feedback,
adding new colours & launching our Ammonia-free toners we are proud
to announce CPR Colour v3.0.
To read more on CPR Colour 3.0 click here.

Available from 1st July

Contact your CPR representative to learn more

The Circle magazine is coming to salons this June. To preview a digital version please click here.

CPR’s Colour Cocktail Competition is back!

There's no better way to celebrate our new rose gold winter cocktail
collection than to have you join in to create your own cocktail creations
on your favourite clients!
This competition will be officially running from our Facebook community
The Circle so if you’re not yet a part of our salon network you can join today
to make sure you don't miss out on the fun.
The competition will launch on 1st June and entries will be open for one
month, with the winner taking home a $500 Westfield voucher plus a
CPR pack of brushes and bowls, foils, apron, shirts, our new The Circle
magazine and more! Head to the pinned post in The Circle for full T&C’s
and to enter your creation.
Bronwyn has over 25 years experience in hairdressing and has worked for some
of Australia’s most reputable hair salons. It was at these salons she was exposed
to the ethical and sustainable opportunities available within the salon industry.
The space Bronwyn then created at Mane Ethical Hairdressing has been done
purposely to encourage a community of similar values.
Motherhood was formative in her true adoption of a low- tox lifestyle. She was
convinced that salon products should be safe for all ages and stages of life.
After years of research, testing and trialing she found the products that matched
her values and better yet, gave her clients the results they wanted.
We are committed to working with products that align with our values of
sustainable and ethical processes. Where we can, we will always support
Australian and local businesses.
To read the full story on Mane Ethical Hairdressing, see CPR's The Circle
Magazine, coming to your salon this June.
How long have you been with CPR?
I have been a part of the CPR team for 3 years on the 28th of May, starting in 2018.
What is involved with your role?
I’m the CPR QLD and VIC Educator supporting these amazing ladies Sandy,
Kelly, Danielle and Emma as sales reps in their territories.
My favourite part in this role is definitely doing the CPR workshops and getting
the salons together, sharing their experiences and making new friends.
What is your favourite CPR product?
Its hard to pick I love all the CPR haircare! I would have to say my favourite product
is the Fortify CC Creme with all its 13 benefits in 1!
Interesting fact about you?
I always wanted to be a mechanic. I was a massive tomboy riding motorbikes and into
cars with my brothers, but being the only girl, my parents pushed me into hairdressing.
35 years later, here I am still loving the hairdressing industry and how rewarding it is
now teaching hairdressing for 16 years. I love seeing the hairdressers smile with
confidence in their chosen career. I can now thank my parents, they were right!

Remember to tag @cprhair & #cprhair join our community & show us what you can do with CPR!

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