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From left to right - CPR Sales & Education team: Giuliano, Emma, Kelly, Robyn, Tracey-Lea, Dave, Sandy, Natalie, Cass, John, Danielle, Michael

Hi everyone!!  Happy new year!
We hope your year has started really well. We have lots of good surprises for you,
we hope this is your best ever.
In this CPR Salon update we announce the $2,500 prize winner for the
"What do LOVE about hairdressing Competition, launch our new educational
workshops, new CPR foil and lots more..
To discover more & a bit of daily inspiration,
would love for you to join CPR The Circle
love x The CPR Team

What do you LOVE about hairdressing

Thank you to everyone for entering our $2,500 product giveaway.
We had so many amazing entries and it's incredible to see
how much love you all have for our industry.

If you missed the top 10 entries, check our recent Facebook post.

I love the interaction with people sitting in my chair. The twinkle in their eye that says "wow I look good". It doesn't matter how bad their day has been, at that moment they feel amazing and I have made them feel that way.

Our 2021 group educational workshops are now open to book. Learn the ins and outs of
CPR products & the natural technology that makes it all work
+ industry techniques to stay ahead of the game.

Personalised training can also be organised if required.
Please contact your rep if this is something you are interested in.

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community group The Circle?

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educate yourself and stay up to date with the latest CPR products and news.
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Discover our new range of our salon foils.
Available in silver, gold and blue. Pre-cut, embossed and folded for you!
Contact your rep for more information.


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