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Hi everyone, 

Welcome to the 1st day of Spring.

Our mission & purpose is to inspire, lead & develop the most professional & successful group of salons in Australia & New Zealand. It's been a very busy month launching lots of new projects for CPR Salons. We hope you have been & we are making a difference in your lives.

Dedicated to your success, 

Cass Donnelly
Director of Salon Development 

Welcome to The Circle

We would like to take you on an adventure...
we invite you to imagine us all together, 1,000+ CPR salons sitting together around the fire...sharing, dancing, singing, celebrating, supporting each other & encouraging each other.  
From this foundation of strength, Everyone has a voice, Everyone is equal & Together, our combined unique qualities strengthen the tribe. This sharing circle forms the foundation of our community.
Together we move, share & create a new future.

A future that inspires our hearts.
A future that inspires our wonderful salon clients.
A future where you can create your dreams & make them reality.  

CPR Salons join:  

2-monthly CPR Salon Updates

Join us in The Circle every 2-months to learn about your salon business plan.
Building community, Salon coaching, Personal & professional development
Technical education, Team Building, Salon Systems, Social media

CPR Salons join:  

We have just completed our very first
CPR Colour Cocktail Party!  

The CPR Salon community these Top 13 colour cocktails with the Winner announced below.
First Prize = $500 Westfield Voucher!!

Elly McMahon CPR Pre-lightened and Toned with 10.1 + 1.5%, Roots: Blue 25g + 10.2 5g + 1.5% 30g. Ends: Gold 40g + 9.3 8g + Blue 20g + 1.5% 90g

Emily Penglis CPR 50g 1.5%, 40g .000, 5g 8.64, 5g 7.26

Belinda Cameron CPR 30g 10/6, 5g 5/26 & 70g 1.5%

Jackie Williams CPR Pre-lightened 1/2 side (old root stretch) + undercut fast 8 & 10vol,1.0 + 1.1 equal parts & 10vol,6.66 + 7.66 & ruby red equal parts & 10vol

Davidshellah McNaught CPR Fast 9 & 20vol for lightening 3 zones. 25g of .000, 5g of 7.26, 5vol 30g for pink colour. Regrowth 10g of gold+ 10g 4vol.

Marlease Macfarlane CPR lightener using fast 9 20vol. Side 1: 30g 9.12 + 7g 5.22 and 37g 5vol. Side 2: 25g .000 + 5g 7.26 and 30g 5vol processed 20min.

Ellie Taylor CPR Roots: 3/4 5/71 + 1/4 5/0 + 5vol, Mids: 7/71 + 5vol. Ends: 3/4 9/71 + 1/4 7/71 + 5vol

Holly Sharpe CPR Fast lift 9+20vol.Toned using alt sections.  pink =30g T10.2 + 30g T10.6 + 5g T5.62 + 65g 5vol + 13g CA Violet = 60g T8.21 +  20g VIOLET + 5g Purple + 85g 5vol + 17g CA.

Georgia Spencer CPR Pre lighten fast 8 + 6% + col advantage. 40g 10.6 + 40g 10.2 + 5g 7.26 + 1.5% + col advantage. Ratio 1:1. 20min processing.

Vicki Durrant CPR 8.1+BLUE+5 vol after lightening to a level 9

Marlease Macfarlane CPR Powder lightener to a level 10 with fast lift 9 &20vol. Used 50g 10.1 and 7.5g 8.64 and 75g 5vol roots to ends for 10min.

Vicki Durrant CPR 90g 10.2, 30g 8.21, 10g chrome, 8g purple, 220g 5 vol

The winner is: Chaise Damschke  CPR 15g 8.64 + 5g 7.26 + 40g clear + 60g 1.5%

Thank you everyone for entering & encouraging each other's creativity  

To learn more about the CPR Cocktail competition & winners,


Remember to tag @cprhair & #cprhair join our community & show us what you can do with CPR!

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