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Hi everyone, 

We launched our 3-step salon business plan last month. It’s been great seeing so many new salons joining CPR.  Thank you for choosing CPR as your business partner.  

For all new & existing loyal CPR family 😊 Our goal is to inspire you, develop your business & build the success of the CPR Salon Community. In this month’s newsletter, we have an update on CPR Charcoal, the Leaders in Fashion Colouring© cocktail competition, on-line zoom education classes plus our new CPR Salon Alliance program.  

I hope August is a really good month for you.  
Dedicated to your success, 

Cass Donnelly
Director of Salon Development 

We’ve been dyeing to bring this to you!🤭

It's our very first CPR Colour cocktail party! And guess what? You’re all invited! 

Here’s what it’s all about:
We love what you’ve been creating with our creative team’s colour cocktails! 
We want you to be Leaders In Fashion Colouring... 
So, it’s Competition Time!

✨ 👩🏽‍🎤 First Prize = $500 Westfield Voucher! 👩🏽‍🎤✨ 

1. Create your very own colour cocktails. 
2. Get Creative on your favourite clients! 
3. Take a picture and post it in the comments You can find the Facebook post here.
(must include the formula) You have until the 11th of August.
4. Top 9 will be voted by you! 🤩 Via likes on the pictures! 
5. Winner will be chosen by you Via Facebook Poll! 💕

Winner Announced on the 24th August!

🔥 Nat’s Hot Tip - Add all your staff to our ECH Group to get your likes up! 
(Hairdressers Only)  

To enter the competition find the Facebook post here.


Instant Grey-away

Instant temporary camouflage for grey/white hair. Shampoos out easily.

infused with vegetable protein, jojoba oil, swiss grape and sunflower seed extract 

RRP: $24.50

I’m absolutely loving the New Charcoal spray!
I’ve never had so many men more excited about a product than me! 
Elly McMahon from ELZEE

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