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Snow Gums

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10.32 & 10.2
6.71 and a dash of 7.26 root stretch, then 8.71 and a dash of 7.26 through the rest with some face framing foils
The roots are just a grown out balayage I did back in February so all the clients natural colour, and I just balayaged the very ends to freshen up with lightener and 20vol, and toned with 10.1 + semi 1:2
20g 7.44 10g 9.3 10g 8.34 5vol 20mins on towel dried blonde hair xx
* Roots - 25g 1.5% + 19g clear + 5g 8.64 + 1g 7.26 + 5g advantage * Mids to ends - 25g 1.5% + 12g clear + 12g 10.6 +1g 8.64 + 5g advantage Applied over pre-lightened hair for 10 minutes. 
Formula coming soon!
I did the base for orb 6.00 and 10vol the ends are 9.32 5vol 
roots 7/4 + 7/0 + 6% then on the ends 8/44 + 1.5% 
Roots 4.0 + 4.7 Mids 6.00 6.12 6.71 Ends 8.21 8.71


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