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Hi everyone!
You have been in our hearts these last 10-weeks as we all went on this
Covid-19 roller-coaster ride of emotions & changes in our industry. We did our best to bring us all closer together, have some fun & keep you inspired. As everything begins to slowly re-open, what does "the new normal" look like?
To learn about our vision for your salon & the future of hairdressing, join our Facebook salon community ExpertCreativeHairdressers & watch the live event on Monday 29th June, at 7.00pm. 
Looking forward to catching up,
Cass Donnelly
Director of Salon Development 

NEW from CPR


Instant Grey-away

Instant temporary camouflage for grey/white hair. Shampoos out easily.

infused with vegetable protein, jojoba oil, swiss grape and sunflower seed extract 

RRP: $24.50

Root Lift

Foundation Volume & Body

Non-sticky, root booster
Long lasting hold factor 5/5
Repairs & adds shine

Natural technology
Wheat & Vegetable Proteins & Grape Seed Extract

RRP: $23.50


Warm-up this winter with some firey coppers

Remember to tag @cprhair & #cprhair join our community & show us what you can do with CPR!

Full head of baby lights CPR Fast Lift 8 + 20 vol Then came back through with 5.7 root fade at basin 7.1 on the mids 9.71 on the ends
5g 8.64 + 25g 000 plus 1.5
5.71 melted into 9.71 
7.44 roots straight copper on ends then glossed with 1/3 colour advantage 1/3 copper 1/3 5 vol
Formula coming soon!
Zone 1 and 2 25g of 5.34, 10g 6.44 1” of 4.7 with 10 vol 1:1 Ends ¾ 6.44 ¼ 8.44 1” of Copper and 5 vol 1:2
5.7 + 5 vol Over a 5.3
½ 7.44 ¼ 8.64 ¼ Copper additive 10 vol 35 mins 
½ head of foils with blue powder +10 % toner 9.12 + 1.5% for 20 mins rinse towel dry and used pink spray. 


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