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Cass Donnelly
Director of Salon Development 
To inspire you and your salon team, we have been very active in our CPR Expert Creative Hairdressers group creating technical education, salon team building & salon marketing classes for you. 
We invite you to join the private group to learn more: CPR Expert Creative Hairdressers
I am also very excited to announce the launch of our zoom online education calendar!! You can now join us from your phone or tablet for live 60-minute video education sessions. Classes include: Colour Correction, Blondes & Lighteners, Advanced Grey Coverage & Salon Social Media.

We would love for you to join us

Pink Galah's  

Creative inspiration from the CPR education team

Were flying into winter with wings of steel and iron feathers! Curated by the colours of our beautiful pink parrots.

Remember to tag @cprhair & #cprhair join our community & show us what you can do with CPR!

it was an old regrowth full head 6.12 down to 8.12 + 8.71 then 9.12 10.2 + 10.1 on ends
T10.1 Toner
Toned with 10.1 and 10.2 and Clear with 1.5 15mins
Formula coming soon!
Full head balayage with p/l with 20vol. Under medium heat for 20mins. Toner. Root shadow with T6.21 and 5vol. 1:2. And ends using 3/4T10.32 1/4 000 and 5vol. 1:2. 10mins under medium heat.
Full head 20/30 vol Fast Lift 9 Toned 40g 10.6 +2g 7.26 with 5 vol Finished off with serious pink spray
Fast lift 8 20 vol roots Fast Lift 8 and 5 vol ends Toner T10.0 + T10.32 + T10.2
Formula coming soon!
I used fast lift 9 lightener with 20vol and toned with 10.1 + 10.2 equal parts for 8 mins 


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