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Cass Donnelly
Director of Salon Development

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Those who stop dreaming are lost...
Creative inspiration from the CPR education team

Move to the sound of the desert calling us into these warmer tones. Curated by the colours of outback Australia.

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Formula coming soon!
Back Comb Balayage +20 vol / Toned 7.12 mids 10.1 +10.0 Ends (stylist Demi)
6.7 and a dash of 7.26 Root stretch melted into 8.71 with a dash of 7.26 Ends 9.71 dash of 7.26 With face framing foils
T 8.21 + T.10 + Violet and 5 vol 1:1
Roots 7.444 - 30 vol Ends 7.444/8.34 1.5
Balayage Highlights blended with equal parts 6.1 and 8.71 with 1.5 on midlengths. Ends tones with 9.71 and 1.5
Balayage foils powder and 20vol Alternate foil 8.32 and 5vol Root shadow 7.00 and 7.71 and the occassional foil on 7.71 leaving out the ends. Toned with 1/2 10.32 and 1/2 10.2
T 10.0 + T 8.21 a little bit of 9.12 + 1.5 vol
Roots – 4.7 + 5 vol 1:2 Ends – Balayage powder lightner + 20 vol Toned at basin 5.71 + 5 vol 1:2 for 15 mins


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