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We’re feeling egg-cellent about the amazing work produced this month! Well done to all shortlisted and selected for our Top 9, the level of creativity is always so impressive.

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did a full head foils with fast lift 9, 20vol on roots & 10vol on ends But no toner was used, instead blonde shampoo was applied for 5-10 mins
1/2 6.4 1/2 7.44 on regrowth Foiled with pl x 20 vol (balayage style) Then applied same mix as regrowth through the ends in between foils.
Full head of micro foils with fast lift 9 + 3%. Piggy backed every 2nd foil with 7/31 + Semi activator and only placed on roots and mids to ensure the ends slight nice and light. Toned with 1/3 10.2 + 2/3 10.1 + semi activator and shadowed the root with 8.1 + semi activator for 10mins.
Full head of foils and some balayage foils through the front. Using tint 9.1 with 30vol alternating with 12.111 with 40vol. No toner, just purple shampoo and conditioner to keep the warm tones.
Root Colour (Ice Queen) - 10g 10.1 + 5g 10.2 + 5g Chrome +1g Blue + 1g Violet + 25g 5vol Alternating on midlengths and ends (colour melt) Dove Blue - 20g 000 + 5g 10.2 + 2g Blue + 25g 5vol Lilac Dream - 10g 000 + 5g Purple + 5g10.2 + 20g 5vol Peachy Pink - 20g 000 + 5g 10.6 + 3g 7.26 + 30g 5 vol Ice Queen - 10g 10.1 + 5g 10.2 + 5g Chrome +1g Blue + 1g Violet + 25g 5vol
5/12 plus 4/0 and 6% on the roots and then on the ends toned with t10/1 and t10/2 + 1.5% and Blonde conditioner
6.7 and 6.71 10vol on the roots 7.71 5 vol on the ends
Full scalp bleach with Fast lift 9 + 6% and added colour secure. At the basin before bleaching I used colour advantage first before toning. Toned with; Roots: 5.22 Pastel Mix with colour secure instead of .000 Ends: 10.26 pastel cocktail


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