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Starting off the New Year with gorgeous colour work created by a range of talented stylists. It was a pleasure to select these gorgeous looks created with CPR Colour.

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My formula was 10g 8.34 + 30g 7.44 + 4g pure vibrant gold + pure vibrant copper. This was applied to level 10 blonde hair
It’s literally 1.0 + 1.1 20 vol roots Ends 1.1 + semi
I used 3/4 5.22 + 1/4 5.26 + semi.
Did did a full head of alternate weaves and slices, toned with half T10.1 half T9.12 squirt of T10.6 with 5 vol
It was 7.26(3parts) + 6.66(1part) with 9 all over! She had faded pre lightened hair, so it came up a treat
Fast 8 + 10vol babylights Shaddow root: 8.12 + 8.32 + 8.0 All over gloss: 9.12 + 9.0 + 10.7
she came in with the perfect canvas. Natural, even grey all over. I just used 10.6 & 6
@cloud9hairdesigns / @ashleighmartin_hair
Equal parts 4.00 & 4.71 + 10vol roots to ends
Fast lift + 20vol, toned root stretch with t9.71 + 10vol +advantage then added bit t10.1 and more developer as I combed down to mid lengths and ends


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