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It was so inspirational seeing all of these on trend coppers that we had a tough job selecting our Top 9 for November!

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4.6 on roots and 6.66 + 10 on ends
Fast lift 9 with 20 vol For 30 minutes Toner 9.32
Hair was previously a level 6 red. I applied 3/4 of 5.221 and 1/4 of 5.26
I did a powder lightener bath with 20vol then in the roots I did 3.221 & 4.00 5vol Ends I used 6.20 with purple a dash of red and clear
fast lift 8 with 6 Toner was 2/4 9.12, 1/4 8.21, 1/4 chrome and 1g 1.0 with 1.5
It was blonde with orange midlengths and ends from lightening dark colour. I used roughly 40gclear, 12g 7.26 and a dash of ruby red and Purple
Roots 7.444 + 20vol Ends 3/4 7.444 + 1/4 Copper Pure Vibrant + 5vol
Full head foils using the fast 9 bleach and 6 no toner, just purple shampoo and cpr blonde treatment
5.71 + 1.5%


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