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Picking our Top 9 for October Was so much fun as we saw so many creative colours ranging from beautiful coppers, to bold brunettes and stunning blondes!

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Root shadow and some pieces taken through to the ends 15g 9.3215gms 9.715gns 8.7115gns 8.060gms 5vol 12gms colour advantage
toner: 1/3 10.1 1/3 10.0 1/3 10.7 with 5vol
it was a balayage so I did a root colour and pre lightened her ends with 30vol so here’s the formula Roots - 4.7 semi Mids- toned 1/2 8.71 + 1/2 8.21 Ends- toned 1/2 9.1 + 1/2 10.2 + 5g violet shimmer
On the roots- mids where we had natural level 7, I did 3/4 6.4, 1/4 7.44 and 2g copper with 10vol Ends 3/4 7.44 1/4 copper 5vol on old blonde. I also weaved out some blonde pieces and put them in foil until the last 10 min and then mushed it in at the end to give a couple of lighter pieces.
a full head of fine foils toned with T10.2 & T 9.1 5 Root smudge was 1/4 6.0 & 3/4 8.12 5
It was pre-lightened first with fast lift 8 and 20vol, then toned with 8.64 ‘8grams’ + 000 ‘35grams’ with 5vol
I did a full head back to back weave, went in with 5.1 on roots and 9.1 on mids and ends I eyeballed it but approx processing time was around 5-8 mins at basin
Root stretch was 4.7 Balayage ends toning with 5.43 dash 6.4
Scalp bleach- fast lift 9 and 20vol on roots Ends - detox and fast lift 9 and 5vol last five minutes (bleach wash to get rid of old toner) Toner - Roots T8/21 and 5vol and Ends T10/2 and 5vol Toned with 16gms T9.718gns T10.2 8gms T10.164gms 5 vol 9gms colour advantage


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