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After hearing all of your suggestions, Cass Donnelly and our CPR team have spent months working to produce a range of 28 ammonia free toners for our valued clients.
It is with great excitement and anticipation that we announce the release of our Specialty Toners Collection!!


The selection for Top 9 this month was so difficult as the creative flare was really on display for the start of Spring! We saw so many creative bold colours, subtle soft blondes and surprisingly quite a few darker brunettes! Congratulations to the final top 9 and everyone we shortlisted! We love seeing all of your work :-)

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Full head of hair extensions and the colour is 20g 1.0 20g 20vol 4g colour advantage
She’s a natural level 4 Used 6.4 on roots with 20vol And 7.444 with 7.4 mid lengths and 10vol
I used fine foiling techniques and 10.1 and 1.5٪ toner leaving the hair line out to create brightness.
To lighten we lifted to a level 8 blonde with Fast Lift 9 and 20vol, and cleaned out any unwanted tones with 10.1 toner. For the stunning rosy pink colour we used 7g 7.26 + 30g .000 + 2g ruby red + 5 vol
Full head of scattered teasy lights with powder lightener and 20vol on roots, and then balayaged all ends left out of the foils with lightener and 10vol. Then toned roots with 10.1 + 5vol 1:2 and ends 10.0 + 5vol 1:2!
We bleached to a 9 level and then toned with 8.21 + violet concentrate with 10
fast lift 9 +20vol-6 T 10.2 +5vol-1.5 for under 5 minutes the rinse and shampoo and condition
Formula is fast lift 9 with 1.5 balayage foils Base: 1/2 5.7 1/2 6.71 with 1.5 Toned 8.32 with 1.5 All with colour advantage.


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