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Instant Toners

Colour Enhancing Range

CPR Instant toners are like makeup for your hair. Designed to instantly tone & enhance blonde hair and rinse-out easily. Keep your colour looking fresh or completely change it!  

Natural technology that works: Vegetable Protein, Jojoba Oil,Grape & Sunflower Seed Extract.


Every day we are overwhelmed with amazing colour work by our CPR Salons! Congratulations to the final top 9 for June and everyone we shortlisted! You know who you are :-)

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equal parts 8.34, 8.32, 8.44 + 1.5 vol 20 minutes (this picture was taken after first wash so slightly faded)
Scattered half head baby lights- powder + 20vol Roots- 4.0+10vol Mids- 5.7+5.71 +5 vol Toner- 8.12+9.12
Root stretch 7.71 + 1.5 And end toner melting into a 10.7
Babylight foils lightener and 10vol toned 7.7 semi Root colour and mids 6.0 semi
Backcomb slices throughout on angle Powder Lighterner White + 20vol Toner 1/2 T9.71 + 1/4 T10.1 + 1/4 T10.2 + 5vol visual timing
We used 5.00 on roots blended into 6.7 ends both with 10 vol 1:1
Full head of Balayaged foils with PL + 3 Roots: 40g 5.56 + 10g 5.22 + 50g 1.5 Toned with 9.12 + 1.5
15g T10.2 15g T8.21 5g of chrome ash 2g of purple kicker
formula was 6.66 x 20 vol on the roots and 7.66 on ends with 10 vol


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