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Some of this month's Top 9 have been kind enough to share their formulas!

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Roots: 30g 3.0 + 30g 5vol Mids: 30g 6.1 14g PURPLE 45g 5vol Ends: 25g 10.2 +10g PURPLE +5g 4.221 +35g 5vol
We used a root stretch of 4.0 and 5 grams of 5.46, Mid blend using 6.3 and 6.7 and a dash of 6.4. Ends using powder lightener & 10vol. No toner needed
90g 6.44 + 50g 7.44 + 50g 7.444 with 10vol-3 Added 15g copper on top of the mix
Full head of super fine foils - Powder lightener with 20vol & the toner is T10.2 T10.1 and double semi. She is already naturally about a level 8 so I only have to leave the toner on for a few minutes just to clean it out a bit.
A mix of 7.66 + 8.64 and the CPR RED Pure vibrant
Powder lightener + 20vol-6 foils on roots only. Root stretch between foils: 1/2 5.71 +1/2 8.12 +5vol-1.5 TONER Root Shadow: 1/2 5.71 + 1/2 8.12 + 5vol-1.5 Ends: 2/3 9.71 +1/3 9.32 + 5vol-1.5


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