Jojoba oil

Although named "oil", it is actually a liquid wax ester, which are used primarily for moisture control, protection and emolliency. This means that the chemical makeup of jojoba gives it a unique non-oily, sealed (non-occlusive), and elegant feel.

Key features and benefits:

  • Its structure is very similar to skin’s natural sebum, the most compatible lipid for our hair and scalp.
  • Conditions the hair, and prevents it from becoming brittle and dull when exposed to unfavorable conditions.
  • Forms a non-greasy, waterproof layer on hair that serves to retain moisture in the hair and blocks the effects of humidity on the hair.
  • Creates a protective film on the cuticle that acts a clear reflector of light, enhancing hair colour, gloss, smoothness and softness.

Born in Australia. Created for the world.

  • Natural technology that works
  • Cruelty free - No animal testing 
  • No harmful sulphates or parabens


Available in professional hairdressing salons

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